OKSAFE Non-Sterile Disposable Face Mask CE FDA Authorized


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Guangzhou Oksafe Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

OKSAFE Non-sterile Disposable Medical Face Mask. This mask has CE and FDA certs, can export to USA and Europe. Welcome to place orders.


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MODEL NO.: 9903/17.5*9.5cm
STANDARD: YY/T 0969-2013
ITEM: Non-Sterile Disposable Medical Face Mask
MANUFACTURER: Guangzhou Oksafe Medical Equipment Co.,Ltd
PRODUCT STRUCTURE: This product consists of mask body,nose clip and mask band,is non-Sterile and disposable.
The Non-Sterile Disposable Medical Face Masks are intended to prevent clinical user or physicians against pathogenic micro-organisms organic fluid and particles,by covering user’s mouth,nose and chin during the noninvasive operation process.

Packaging :
Quantity: 2000PCS(50 x 40boxes)
Carton Size: 51.5 x 41.5 x 34cm

Shipping :
Charter Flights from Guanzhou, China
DHL OR Fedex or UPS Tracking: 6-12 Days Delivery

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