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Kid-use Soft Earloop Mask

Medical Face Mask for kids is a 3-layer construction, top and liner layer are white PP non-woven, middle layer is a high performance filter cloth.

Product name MEDICAL   FACE MASK with soft earloop for kids, 14.5x9CM-3PLY, WHITE,  Not sterilized
Standards Type I MDD   93/42/EEC, EN 14683:2019, Type I

BFE≥95%, DP<40Pa/cm2 , Microbial cleanliness≤30 cfu/g

Standards Type   IIR MDD   93/42/EEC, EN 14683:2019, Type IIR

BFE≥98%, DP<60Pa/cm2, Splash resistance pressure≥16.0kPa, Microbial cleanliness≤30 cfu/g

Raw material
Product Inner:   spunbond non-woven of polypropylene, white, 25±2g/m2

Middle:   melt-blown nonwoven of polypropylene, white,25±2g/m2

Outer:   spunbond non-woven of polypropylene, white, 25±2g/m2

Nose   bridge bar: 0.5mm width metal clip; Sealing type: ultrasonic

Ear   band: Single strand width of spandex core wire

Size measurement
Weight (g/pc) Size A (mm) Size B (mm) Size C (mm) Color
2.5±0.1 145±10 90±10 90±5 White
Carton size 52x33x21cm Carton color Brown
Box size 15.5x10x9.5 cm Box color White
Packing method 50pcs/PE   bag/box, 1,000 pcs/ctn, shelf life: 3 years

The masks are suitable for kids to prevent bacteria especially from crowded conditions.

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Disposable Medical Face Masks

ASTM F2100-19 Medical Face Masks Level 1 – EN 14683:2019 Medical Face Masks Type I

What Is a Disposable Medical Face Mask?

On average, 5% of hospitalized patients are affected by healthcare associated infections. To prevent and reduce this number, healthcare workers wear a medical or surgical mask. A medical or surgical mask is a medical device covering the mouth, nose and chin ensuring a barrier that limits the transition of an infectious agent between the hospital staff and the patient. 
The main objective of wearing a surgical mask is to protect the direct environment of the wearer from contamination.
Manufacturers have to characterize and classify their surgical face masks in type I or II for the European market and in level 1, 2 or 3 for the American one. A surgical mask type I or level 1 is often referred to as a disposable medical face mask.

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