Infection Prevention Protective Products

Protective Coverall With Hood And Shoe Cover

Protective Coveralwith hood, with shoe cover separated

Product description:

Protective Coveral offers enhanced comfort and protection. To provide barrier and protection to the clinicastaffs who contacts with potentiainfection and reduce the risk for the virus spread.

Product features:

Breathable fabric helps offer the comfort to wearer. Offers option on Tyvek fabric or high-grad domestic spun-bonded non-woven fabric

Overlocked seam with extra tape for added strength and an improved liquid barrier

Front zipper with re-sealable storm flap

Hood designed with perfect fit

Knitted cuff for secure fit

Antiskid shoe cover: all-in-one or separate design

Our advantages:

Stock available

Domestic materiaand DuPont materiaavailable

Main supplier for protective coveralls in China

Medica Protective CoveralRequirement Test Report available

Compliance to EN14126, ISO16603 & ISO16604

Product application:

Suitable for preventing dust and aerosols, such as fiberglass, paint spray, etc.,

Especially for medica CDC for major epidemic outbreak treatment, etc.